AdvantageIQ is an ideal solution for companies and organizations to monitor, evaluate and act on staff knowledge for products, processes and procedures.

Client companies utilize the AIQ platform to create their own specific questions for their staff.  A deep reporting system enables in-depth analysis of the strengths and needs of the training programs they have in place.  Each client has their own unique site that can be skinned to match their corporate look.

The AIQ library enables clients to store their training materials, operations manuals and more in a secure area of their AIQ site, with easy password protected access by their staff.

AIQ also has a survey function, ideal for obtaining fast feedback on time sensitive issues. And, AIQ is a superb tool for evaluating personnel for annual reviews.

For more information and a personal tour of the AIQ backroom, please contact:

Phil Metford, Managing Director,, direct phone 416-258-2458 or
Doug Turner, Director, Information Technologies,

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